The Beauty of Sat Nav

Thank you GPS! After being initially sceptical, I have been completely won over by them. Many people joke that many drivers who own GPS have no clue how to actually use them! This is just one of the reasons why I was unconvinced. Now I found it hard to see myself going anywhere without GPS; especially after the last weekend's events. On Saturday evening I found myself completely lost, which doesn't usually bother me to be honest, but as time marched on I became more and more anxious. You see, I was on the verge of missing my father's surprise birthday party.

Stupidly I wasn't prepared. I had never made the drive to my parents, I used to rely on trains; stupid I know with British Rail's timekeeping. So I found myself in Reading, I was supposed to be in Kent! I was agitated, which is not good when you're behind a steering wheel. The signal on my phone was nonexistent, and my AA map had been the thing that had got me into this mess in the first place! Out of the corner of my eye I saw the bright neon lights of a supermarket, sat nav immediately came to mind. I pulled off the motorway and nipped in to buy one. I arrived just in time to see the look on my father's face.

This urban myth that sat navs are impossible to use, from my experience, is unfounded. I just switched the device on, typed in where I was going and it gave me clear understandable directions; it was as easy as that. I've became so attached to my sat nav I've named it Barbara. I'm not one to be caught up in new technology but I'm beginning to have a change of heart. What other car accessories have I yet to discover? Such is my poor sense of direction it could be time to invest in a vehicle tracking system!


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