How to use an electronic digital Slr camera - Portrait digital photography Ideas

fuji s1000 manual

Having a digital SLR camera can be confusing. Especially if you've only used an automatic point and shoot before. This article will show you how to use a digital SLR Camera easily.

When composing shots with an SLR, it is exactly the same as with any other camera. It won't make your own photos like magic turn out to be incredibly made up but could be used for some different kinds of pictures. The key to using an SLR is knowing all the settings and functions of it.

Shutter Speed

This is the setting that controls the amount of time that light is exposed to the image. A short exposure would be great for bright areas like the beach or a snowy white place. A longer publicity is effective much more more dark places like the tone, a cellar, or even while on the Underground Railroad.


The aperture of your camera controls the size of the iris that lets light in. A small aperture like 1/16 would let in very little light and mean that you would need a longer exposure or more light. This works great when in bright areas.

A smaller opening like 1/2.6 works great when you are in darker areas or need more light. It is a larger opening and lets more light into the camera. This can reduce the amount of time you need the shutter speed for.

Now, there are many different settings that you can use for these. You can do manual on both or just use one and have the other set to manual.

If you want to control shutter speed only then select Shutter Priority. If you want aperture only then go to the Aperture Priority mode. And if you want both in your control just put it in manual.


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