Is 95% Humidity Too Much For iPhones?

As news of the iPad shutting down whenever it gets too hot still filtering its way around the internet, it has now been suggested that countries in Asia are too humid for iPhones. The iPhone, which doesn't work particularly well in very hot conditions anyway, is now thought to be unsuitable for areas above 95% humidity.

The issue was been highlighted because of the growing number of consumers in Asian countries who have had voided Apple warranties due to alleged water damage. Further investigations by consumers now suggests that the liquid indicators put into iPhones can be affected by especially high humidity.

It's not only Asia that this issue has been raised either, as a US woman has made a similar allegation against the gadgets' creator; Apple. The woman claims her iPhone's liquid indicator had been affected by humidity levels, voiding her warranty.

Consumers in Asia are understandably upset, claiming that if the product doesn't operate properly in countries with 95% humidity, it shouldn't be sold in those countries. This seems like a reasonable argument and one that Apple have yet to give a proper answer to.

This iPhone issues comes on the back of news of a man in China whos' Nokia mobile phone exploded in his hand, killing him instantly. The news is represents the first time a phone has exploded whilst not being on charge at the time. The issue brings up some concerns about manufacturing process in China, as well as how hot weather can affect mobile phones.

So if you have relatives in particularly hot countries and you're trying to find Christmas gifts or Birthday presents, you may well want to get something other than an iPhone or iPad.


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