Cell Phone Spy Software What does it Offer?

In this fast-paced world, it becomes at times to have the ability to spy on your loved ones to figure out whether your spouse is cheating on you or with whom are your kids talking or chatting, and the mobile phone spy is the solution to this problem.The mobile phone spy software actually records all the information of the events like calls or text messages that happen, and then sends a report of these activities to the person who installed the software. Most of the cell phone spy software solutions provide the following features.

  1. Call Interception

With the help of this feature, the software installer can, in real time intercept the calls on the target cell phone. (Both placed and received)

  1. Text Message Information

Logging of the SMS and texting information is yet another feature of mobile phone spy software.

  1. SIM Card Change Notification

Some people tend to use a different SIM card, while cheating on their partners, and hence the software comes with a special notification, which reports the change of SIM card.

  1. Background Calling

The other option that many cell phone spying software provide is the capability for the installer to silently call the cell phone and listen to the background conversations, which happen, while the owner of the cell phone may not even be aware that the phone is actually active.

Most mobile phone spy software options provide an online account where all the calls and text messages related information is logged. Some of these mobile spy software options also allow additional logging features like contacts lists and GPS locations to provide more information.

There are various options of mobile phone spy solutions available with different price range and set of features. An important thing that needs to be taken into consideration while purchasing a cell phone spy software is, whether the software is supported on the handset that you wish to install it in. Most software support different models of Nokia, Blackberry, Apple, Samsung etc. are supported, and hence you can check if the model you want to install it to is supported or not.

However, installing mobile phone spy is like spying on your loved ones, and hence you may want to think twice before taking such a decision.Moreover, there are many different mobile phone spy software, which are actually malware, which may not work properly and can even misuse the information of the phone.


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