Booze Britain

The problem of binge drinking has been well publicized in the UK over the past few years, youths are more often than not the target of criticism amongst the news media but it is up in the air over who is to blame. The UK has a unique drinking culture, with a lower age limit for alcohol consumption to thus U.S, 18 as opposed to 21. It is debatable whether or not this effect's kid's propensity to drinking alcohol regularly and to excess, on one hand it is thought to promote more relaxed attitudes towards the drug while others will say it means kids have access to alcohol at a much younger and more venerable age, encouraging bad habits later one in life.

In 2005 the 24 hour drinking law was passed in the Uk which meant that any bar serving alcohol had the right to apply for a 24 hour license, serving punters round the clock. This may sound counter intuitive in trying cut down on drinking but the justification is that the government at the time was trying to mimic European caf© culture, in places like Paris and Milan bars and pubs open much later and this was believed to promote a much more laid back attitude to drinking, rather than downing as many drinks as possible before 11, patrons were fore cast to sit with legs crossed sipping a fine Chianti.

The reality is that Britain is intrinsically different culturally to Europe so this was always unlikely to occur, and in any case many establishments have been reluctant to exercise their right to the license as they feel it is not cost effective. Another cause for Britain's booze obsession is attributed to alcohol prices in Supermarkets. For some time now big chains like Tesco have been offering plonk at rock bottom prices in order to sell huge volumes, and it's worked. Only problem is this makes it affordable to kids. It seems the only place that 24 hours drinking works is in Heathrow airport hotels, Gatwick airport hotels or Manchester airport hotels!


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