The Disadvantages Of A Sat Nav

It is now odd to find a UK driver that doesn't own a sat nav, their popularity shot up when the prices dropped some years ago. The units represent a quick and easy way to find exactly where you want to go. They are pretty much faultless and are idiot proof, being easy to operate. Are they a contributing factor to the dumbing down of the UK populous? It's like we are being spoon fed everything these days, making our brains redundant.

I like to keep my brain active on a daily basis and I have therefore completely shunned thesat nav, instead I prefer to use a map to get where I want to go, it's a lot cheaper and adds interest to the journey. I always wonder if the people that rely on sat navs would be able to cope if they got lost and their beloved little grey box ran out of battery, I highly doubt it.

Another option that's not a complete cop out would be to use thevehicle tracking system in your car or alternatively, the interactive maps on your smart phone to determine your location and find your way using that method. You are able to see your physical location on a map but you don't have a patronizing voice reading out instructions.

If you are feeling particularly rustic you could even go onto the AA website and print out a list of directions from that. Unless you are trying to locate a remote village in the outer Hebredies, road signage and a dash of common sense should be enough to see you on your way.

There are alternatives to usinggarmin sat nav devices, even if this means using your poor old brain a bit.


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