Mobile Phones And The Disadvantages Of Owning One

It is now hard to imagine the world without mobile phones. Just fifteen years ago, the mobile phone was really a novelty item but these days they are important parts of almost everyone's life. Having a mobile phone means that we can now stay in touch with people all the time - something that we were unable to do years ago. We can make contact easily with out family and friends even if we are on the other side of the world. However there are disadvantages associated with having a mobile phone as well as there being the obvious advantages.

- Many people who were using their mobile phone while driving have caused serious car accidents. That is why some people believe that using a mobile phone while driving can be as bad if not worse than drink driving. This is why only hands-free sets are allowed in many countries.

- It can be hard having a conversation with people these days. Every time people start to talk, they will be interrupted by a ringing phone or the sound for an incoming text. So no one really gets a chance to have a deep and meaningful conversation with anyone and chats really never have much meaning anymore.

- Mobile phones have made it much harder for people to switch off. Even if we go out for a walk in nature most of us will bring our mobile phone with us. Doing this means that you don't even get a chance to relax and de-stress.

- Having a mobile phone means that bosses find it easier to intrude in our private time. If they have a problem or are short staffed they will automatically dial our number.

- The use of texting has led to deterioration in people's ability to write and spell.

- We often end up wasting money buying new phones simply because of new advances in technology that we could probably do without.

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