Save Money and Time With a Satellite Navigation System

Just as hands free car kits have done sat nav systems are set to revolutionise the way we travel and do business. In the past you would have to carry a ton of maps around with you whenever you travelled around. But with the new wave of sat nav systems this in no longer a requirement. Not only will a sat nav keep on course to your given direction it will also plot your entire route.

Clearly there is an advantage in a sat nav system that you are not required to plan the journey yourself. This difference is most notable when it comes to delivery drivers who often drive vans. Due to the diversity of locations delivery drivers find themselves in it can never be possible to know exactly where they are going. This is where a sat nav system becomes invaluable because it is able to significantly reduce delivery time. Clearly this avoids the need for the driver to plan the route him or herself thus saving valuable time on deliveries.

The American powered Global Positioning System (GPS) is currently the only positioning system in the marketplace today. There will be competition from Europe in 2012 with the launch of the Galileo system. There are also positioning systems from China (COMPASS) and Russia (GLONASS) under development. Although there will be no affect to current systems which will all be compatible with the new positioning systems.

Using a network of satellites equipped with atomic clocks the system is able to locate the position of a device in relation to the globe. The satellites send a message containing the time, orbital position and health of the satellite down to earth. To interpret the message there needs to be a satellite navigation receiver in your device which can then display the position to the end user.


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