The Feature Packed HTC Mozart 7

Of the five smartphones offered by HTC that run Windows Phone 7, the Mozart may be the best looking one of the group. This is due primarily to a hip unibody aluminum case. The Mozart also has an 8 mega-pixel camera coupled with a Xenon flash. Many other phones in this category only have a 5 mega-pixel camera with an LED flash. The video and music download capabilities of the Zune software will be a big draw for many.

This unibody phone is cut from a single piece of aluminum which is then given a brushed finish. Inside, a 1 GHz Snapdragon chipset is utilized. There is a 3.2 inch SLCD display and the phone has a healthy 8GB of memory. Below the screen there are three backlit buttons and then above the display is the earpiece protected by a grille. Matte silver buttons on the sides control the power, volume and camera. At the top of the phone near the power button is a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The HTC Mozart is equipped with a powerful 8 mega-pixel auto-focus camera that tops many other smartphone cameras in its class. Most of the competitors equip theirs with a 5 mega-pixel camera. The stronger camera does fall short in one area however; there are few options to adjust the camera settings. In addition to still photos, the camera can serve as an HD camcorder, but there are reports that this mode is prone to frame rate reduction issues that affect the video quality, particularly in low light conditions.

If you are a music fan the HTC Mozart is the smartphone for you. It has excellent quality speakers with high-end technology known as SRS WOW HD, which enhances the sound quality in the form of virtual surround sound. The music + videos hub is powered by Zune, which can be used to get all the music and videos you need. If you already have favorites stored on another machine, simply sync the phone via wireless connection and you are ready to take your entertainment on the go.

The Mozart scores big points for looks and style. For those into music, the Mozart wins hands down with a great speaker system and Zune software. Although photography aficionados may find the camera sub par, there is no denying that an 8 GB camera is a great feature for a smartphone. The 3.7-inch display gives a great view of the system and Zune will enable you to download and organize your favorite music.

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