Motorola Milestone 2 - How Good Is It?

The 2010 first quarter cell phone statistics seem to point in a gloomy direction for Motorola. The electronics manufacturer has been consistently losing market share to their competitors, despite a spike in sales due to the success of the Motorola Milestone. A recently published report shows that Apple (6th worldwide) and RIM (5th worldwide) have been shipping more handsets than Motorola, who are currently holding the eighth position. Will Motorola be able to stage a strong comeback with the release of the Milestone 2?

A quick glance at the Motorola Milestone 2 suggests that it is a well-balanced smartphone that provides its user with on-the-go business and recreational capabilities. Design wise, the soft curves on the Motorola Milestone 2 is one of the few distinctions from the original Milestone. The phone deviates from the original Milestones striking architecture to adopt a hip and friendly design.

As for the hardware, Motorola offers a huge improvement by including a 1 Ghz processor that runs on the Android version 2.2 operating system. The new operating system is announced to be up to five times faster than the previous edition, Android version 2.1. The combination simply results in a quick and reactive Milestone 2 that operates smoothly, even when it is required to perform multitasking. Web Interactivity is yet another pleasant advantage that the Milestone 2 has over the iPhone it comes with full Adobe Flash support.

The Milestone 2 is also set to satisfy photography enthusiasts by including a 5-megapixel camera with High-Def (720p) video recording features. A good 8GB of internal storage and an addition 8GB micro SD card is included to comply with your multimedia storage needs (supports up to 40GB with micro SD card). Movie fanatics will also be able to enjoy enhanced clarity on a 3.7 inch TFT capacitive touchscreen. The touch screen is further enhanced with anti reflective properties to prevent frustrations under strong sunlight.

The slide out QWERTY keyboard has been one of the strong determining advantages of the Motorola Milestone. Large fingers will rejoice upon hearing that the improved keyboard has the directional pad replaced with 4 arrow keys, hence allowing the Milestone 2 to provide a spacious layout for additional typing effectiveness. Virtual keyboard supporters will also be able to enjoy additional functions such as SWYPE and voice to text.

As of date, 200 million active users have been accessing Facebook with their mobile device. The statistic on the Facebook website sends a clear message to mobile manufacturers You have to provide social network integration. The preinstalled Motoblur software does a great job by displaying automatic feeds of social networks and providing the ability to sync your contacts with social accounts. Lastly, Internet tethering which was missing in the early Motorola Milestone is now available on the Milestone 2. The smartphone is able to act as a secure Wi-Fi hotspot for up to 5 devices. Share the love or keep it all to yourself, its all up to you.

Although the Motorola Milestone 2 appears to be similar to its predecessor, many corrections have been made to refine the smartphone. Milestone fans will be extremely delighted to know that Motorola had been listening and they have been using suggestions and criticisms as strong guidelines. The result is an extremely impressive Motorola Milestone 2 that serves as a capable and interactive mobile companion.

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