Mobile Phones Have More Uses Than You Knew

Most people have at least one mobile phone in their possession at all times. They are not only good for taking calls and sending smses. You can do a whole load of other things with your mobile phone if you just take the time to think about it.

Some of them are obvious. You can now send emails via your phone. Almost all phones, especially the newer ones can connect to the internet and download emails and other internet related things. You can surf websites, some companies have even has mobile phone friendly websites specially developed for the cellphone generation.

Most banks have developed mobile phone banking. This means that you can access your bank account and see the balance or do transactions at any time. You do not have to have access to a computer or branch of the bank to move money around or just check how much of your pay check is left.

You can send pictures to friends. With most mobile phones, you can send a special type of message that contains both a picture and text. Of course, the receiving phone has to be able to receive mms's in order to see the picture.

You can also use your mobile phone as a paper weight. This use is slowly becoming phased out. Phones are becoming smaller and lighter, not much good for holding down your notes in a strong wind. Although, some of the smart phones seem to have gone back to the future and gotten larger, but flatter, they would still work as paper weights.

Mobile phones can be used as an accessory. Have you ever seen those old businessmen in their fancy suits and with the latest and greatest cellphone. Odds are, he does not even know half of what it can do and does not even use half of what he does know it can do. All he wants is to look technologically advanced and clued up.

Use it as a weapon! Mobile phones have a very aerodynamic shape and lovely sharp corners. If you are sitting talking to someone and they start irritating you, or you want to get rid of a hated rival, why not throw a cell phone at them? Of course it is best to try and use someone else's phone as cell phones have this annoying tendency to shatter into a million pieces when they hit the floor abd you do not want to have to buy a replacement for yourself. The phone's owner will be too frightened to ask for a replacement so you will not be out of pocket.

There are hundreds more uses that I have not thought of. Have a good giggle and see how many unconventional uses for mobile phones you can come up with. You will be surprised at how inventive you can get when you really try. We have already covered paper weight, accessory and deadly missile, along with the more conventional uses like making calls, sending smses, email and internet access and sending pictures to friends via mmses.


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