This particular Petrol Hedge Slimmer Can Do the trick

petrol hedge trimmer

Many people have hedges in their gardens. Surprisingly, they have a lot of advantages. They serve as a garden boundary. They can also reduce wind strength and serve as a filter by absorbing the much dreaded dust and noise. Hedges also serve as an effective visual screen, giving you more privacy. It also gives security because a prickly hedge can be a great deterrent. Lastly, it adds an aesthetic touch to your home. However, they need to be trimmed occasionally. To do that, you need garden tools such as a hedge trimmer. They come in a large variety so you have to carefully pick out the best one for your hedges. You can choose among the following: electric hedge trimmer, cordless hedge trimmer and petrol hedge trimmer.

Each of them has certain qualities that should fit your criteria. But before dealing with that, lets have a minute to go over things that you need to take note when choosing the right hedge trimmer.

First, consider the size of your property. Is your yard wide and has intricate landscaping? If that is the case, then you will need a trimmer with great power and mobility. As for the smaller yards, a rechargeable or an electric trimmer can probably do the job.

Consider also the tasks to be done. With regard to less complicated cutting, cordless as well as electrical clippers are good sufficient but for heavy-duty trimming, it is advisable to use gas trimmers.

The shafts are also important. You can choose between the straight and curved one. A straight shaft makes it easier to reach under the fences and bushes. A curved one is more comfortable to use and is best for trimming close objects.

Let us now move on with the three basic types of hedge trimmers. The first one is the electric trimmer. Its main features are the following:

1. It has an extension cord and can be plugged anywhere

2. There are so many different blades to choose from

3. Although the weight depends on the model, still it is much lighter as compared to trimmers with motors

4. It requires very little maintenance. You just need to keep the blades clean and well lubricated

5. The second type is the cordless or the rechargeable trimmer. Its features are as follows:

6. It has an unrestricted mobility. You can use it anywhere without being worried about the extension cord.

7. It makes reaching distant areas much easier.

8. It saves time. You can finish trimming your hedges in no time.

9. It can be used for delicate trimming, like shaping your shrubs.

10. The batteries can be re-charged and can be used over and over again.

11. The third type is the trimmer with motor whose key features include the following:

12. Unlimited mobility. Since it has no cord, it is easier to use in wide areas.

13. The motor is much stronger that is why it is best used for heavy-duty trimming

14. Designed for large-scale work

15. More expensive as compared to the first two.

There you have it. Now you can choose the right trimmer for your home. You can either pick the electric trimmer, the cordless or rechargeable one, or you settle with the last type. The gas trimmer is also known as the petrol hedge trimmer. In the event that your rentals are large, and you require a reliable trimmer, it is certain that this can do the trick


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