Accidents Caused By Texting While Driving And The Device Which Could Prevent This

One of the most dangerous things to do when driving is to text on your phone and you would think that this would be something that most people would know. The problem is that it can just be sometimes too tempting to knock off a quick text reply to an important query. A lot of people will feel justified in sending the text because they think it is an emergency but every time you text while driving you are placing yourself and others in danger. However now there is a new device available which will let people know that we have received their text so that we don't have to reply. This means that we don't have to worry about texting when we are driving anymore because the device will take care of things.

This new device works on all T-Mobile networks and is called the DriveSmart Plus; it has been developed by a company called LocationLabs. It is a subscription based service that detects when you are driving and during this period blocks you from texting and receiving texts while you are driving. Calls to your mobile while you are driving will be directed to your voicemail. The really impressive thing about this device is that it doesn't just ignore your calls but informs the caller that you are currently unavailable but that you will get back soon. This leaves you free to concentrate on driving without having to worry about your texts or calls.

This device is something that most of us could benefit from and the best thing about it is the fact that it could really save lives. This device will get rid of one distraction when you are driving which is great because any distractions at all can endanger lives when you are driving. We might even see a hands free way to text in the future as technology improves. In the mean time this new DriveSmart Plus will help keep us safe.

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