LG KP500 - The Smartphone "cookie" Is A Great Pleasure

The LG KP500 is also recognized as Cookie. A cookie is a true touch-screen mobile phone especially for people who have to pay only a reasonable budget, but want a touch of intelligent and happy to hype.

As people must be sentient that Latest Touch Screens Mobile Phones are in vehemence athwart the world once the iPhone become so well-liked. Mobile phone makers are rushing to satisfy and meet the demand. KP500 Cookie LG is an attempt to get some customers who want touch screen mobile phone, but do not have enough money to buy the iPhone or other costly alternative. LG touch screen mobile phones to come with brio. The LG Cookie KP500 has integrated accelerometer that is capable to sense which direction is up and mechanically swivels the display for that reason. The effective QWERTY keypad glides into sight when you turn this mobile phone to the landscape mode that is in fact fairly considerate. The accelerometer feat in other cases also, for example, when playing games.

The LG Cookie KP500 is smaller than other Touch Screen Mobile Phones. Weighs up to 89g, you might consider the telephone the slightest touch to the date. While the phone is small, the view is not. The display is three inches across, that is fairly well-brought-up by every standard. Ergonomically the cell phone is fine and of good quality. It has a hi-fi FM radio , play almost all formats of digital music lover. Internet browsing is excellent, supports email function and it also contain document viewer. Connectivity features include USB and Bluetooth.

The camera is 3.2 megapixels, no autofocus option, but it is expected that such affordable. Memory is only 48 MB. And you can insert a memory card and can be up to 8 GB. This phone is not 3G support also does not have WiFi.

LG Cookie is an extraordinary modified phone in comparison to your old cell phone. LG KP500 Cookie is much changed from the mobile home from LG and all sorts of standard features packed into this. This once more makes it a luxurious cell phone. The provisions rich LG KP500 Cookie consists of a customized version of Internet Browser, SMS alert, vibration alert, Yearbook Importantly, the document viewer, Call Alert, TFT LCD with 262k colors, with commendable GPRS and Management EDGE.

Considering the price of a mobile phone, LG is necessary cuts in the corners to bring the cost down without fatally compromising a mobile phone. LG uninvolved those traits that most people will not require. Camera made available is only standard to decrease costs. Although, you will not be capable to do internet browsing with higher speed, but this handset offers you a touch phone that is extremely reasonable and very easy to use. LG KP500 Cookie looks pretty bright, and is smaller. These phones on the market sooner rather than all the other companies in addition to mobile.

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