Is It Worth Buying A Blackberry Device?

Even though the iPhone and Android devices are really great there are still many people out there who would choose a Blackberry over them. There are good reasons why people might choose the Blackberry over other options, and also good reasons why they shouldn't. In this article we will look at both sides of the argument.

Why You Should Choose the Blackberry

- The email service offered by the Blackberry is second to none. If you normally spend a lot of time sending emails during the day, then this is probably the best choice for you.

- The security is very high with the Blackberry because of the encryption devices it uses.

- A lot of people feel that the Blackberry is the ideal choice for the professional because of how serious it is.

Why You Shouldn't Choose the Blackberry

- When it comes to apps, there is so much more choice for a device like the iPhone rather than the Blackberry. You will get more capabilities with one of the other devices.

- The operating system on the Blackberry has its detractors because it is nowhere near as capable as some of the other devices. However if the Blackberry is something that you only want for a few functions then this won't matter.

- Although some people like the fact that the Blackberry is not flashy, there are many others who are put off by this. It does the job it has been created to do and nothing more. Even the look of this device is a bit boring; although you can change the look of your Blackberry in ways that you can't with the iPhone.

- If you buy a Blackberry you risk listening to people lecture you about how you are behind the times; of course you could always respond back with information about the latest Blackberry products.

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