Windows Phone 7 Smart Phones - A Look At Some Of Your Options

The smart phone market is increasingly saturated with offerings from all the big technology giants, including Apple, Blackberry and various Android devices. Microsoft has recently got in on the act too, releasing 10 new phones, all of which run the Windows Phone 7 operating system, and theyre manufactured by a variety of companies. There are offerings from LG, Samsung and Dell, plus 5 by Android specialists HTC. We take you through some of the best Windows phones, their advantages, disadvantages and key features.

One of the most eagerly anticipated Windows Phone 7 phones is the HTC HD7. This phone is generally very good. It has a decent sized screen of 4.3inches, and its also a touchscreen. There are good apps available, including Photo Enhancer and Notes. It also has up to 16GB storage capacity, a 5 megapixel camera and HD video recording capabilities. A couple of flaws include the below par display quality and comparatively low number of pixels, plus a slightly low build quality.

By contrast, the HTC Mozart boasts excellent build quality more familiar to regular users of HTC phones. Its also thought to be the most successful Microsoft phone and it comes with an impressive specification, including an 8 megapixel camera with Xenon flash. This provides good picture quality. Theres a 3.7inch touchscreen, making it an ideal size for carrying round. The apps are similar to those on other HTC phones but theyre definitely worth the money, as is the 8GB storage capacity and attractive phone appearance.

The Omnia 7 is the Windows phone produced by Samsung. The best feature of this is the brilliant high contrast AMOLED screen, which is easily better than any other LCD offerings. It has a good 5 megapixel camera, although the focusing capabilities could be improved. It has a good loudspeaker that streams sound with only minimal distortion. One area where its lacking is in the number of apps available from Samsung. Also, the power button is in an odd place but overall the layout and phone appearance are good.

If you like a QWERTY keyboard, then you should go for the LG Optimus 7Q, which is currently the only Windows Phone 7 phone to offer both touchscreen and keyboard. The downside of this is that the keyboard adds a lot of bulk to an otherwise good phone, making it slightly uncomfortable for typing. The 480 x 800 pixel, 3.5inch screen is good and theres also a good 5 megapixel camera. It boasts good connectivity as well as 8GB storage capacity.


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