The brand new technology connected with sewage primary "zero discharge"

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New Technology. Economy is shown HUNTING FOR, '09, usage of nation's scientific in addition to manufacturing advancement second winning prize using a excellent consolation Zhao Zhongxing's soul. Zhao Zhongxing, Changzhou, a personal stamping business seller, was self-financed almost THREE OR MORE, 000 k, soon after painstaking projects 8 numerous small business, independent R & VE HAD regarding "continuous dyeing cloth fresh paint transgender innovative technologies", sewage fundamental "zero discharge", reworking your stamping plus dyeing marketplace historical past.

Point out Knowledge and Technological innovation Honor in the job id qualification from the Vetting Committee commented: "This innovative engineering resulting in fill up the every day reject, stamping plus dyeing marketplace with regard to our nation to quickly attain a good total electrical power lessening can be associated with superb relevance. " Compared with the standard method, the new know-how sections starting Festivity associated with sodium 100%, mineral water 94. 8%, quite simply once, stamping plus dyeing marketplace, "zero emissions", it electrical power usage decreased 55%, while the produce elevated that will 99. 5%, the item selling price maximize a meter can be via 0. SOME to help ONE PARTICULAR yuan. Experts price range, the following innovative engineering, if while in the nation's stamping plus dyeing companies advertising, spend waters and COD emissions each year full ONE. A COUPLE OF million loads, though conserving YOU. FIVE million kwh, conserving TWENTY FOUR k loads steam, enviromentally friendly plus monetary features are extremely noticeable.

Cina is the sheet huge nation, a strong yearly stamping plus dyeing companies to get more detailed as compared with 800 k a lot of waste normal water discharges, re-use charge has been just 7%. Whole level of stamping plus dyeing wastewater is not only huge, nevertheless are usually challenging, incredibly tough to face. Higher feedback, huge usage, huge emission plus very low efficiency involving stamping plus dyeing marketplace associated with China is becoming a common challenge. For you to break stamping plus dyeing marketplace, "chronic illness", the every day a lot of large-scale stamping plus dyeing firms try to make use of "dry Tu" as opposed to "water pollution", nevertheless practice very little advancement for a lot of years, although a lot of firms furthermore employed your pigment dyeing, but it really lifts a couple of questions: You shade painting seriously isn't sturdy, cannot be uninterrupted development, in addition to second, pads could harden and also impact high quality, and also cannot be achieved, "transgender" covering uninterrupted dyeing involving industrialization.

Dyeing and Weaving Co., Ltd. Changzhou Southeast has become proven for 10 decades Zhao Zhongxing additionally realize that there's a major nation's study "coating uninterrupted dyeing innovative technology" job, and throughout 2000 your Express Monetary and Deal Percentage has also also been compiled in to a "national key marketplace wash development technology-oriented submission site. " Understand this tips, Zhao Zhongxing thought for a long time, "since it is included in the nation's solution development systems throughout key industries-driven list associated with innovative engineering, in that case why don't you get that to help our business for being cited? "

New Technology. Zhao Zhongxing had been to certainly challenge taking that approach the regular stamping engineering, though there's polluting of the environment, nevertheless still have the ability to make money, the key reason why probability the amount of money placed into some sort of publication can be published throughout a good unidentified things? Then again, Zhao Zhongxing foreseen, regular dyeing in addition to stamping marketplace throughout "green priority" protection plan features by now twilight, if the being successful of a state of the art throughout procedure engineering are unable to just add to the earnings associated with stamping plus dyeing venture place, is far more essential usually it could appropriately remedy your air pollution problems involving huge stamping plus dyeing companies. He or she had been in opposition to all the likelihood, important finalized: "on! "

With 2002, Zhao Zhongxing additionally build a strong "East Higher Dyeing & Finish Co., Ltd. " to help deal with study, while the initial business attained money, a lot of them done in the job. Qian constantly hired in the test out constantly to complete. When many of us generate hundreds or maybe thousands yards involving cloth, though the total and unsuccessful. Brang awful about the sum as much as sometime think about your 680, 000 yuan. In those days, Zhao Zhongxing along with the some other a couple major shareholders tend to be several people with room and also panel with the manufacturing plant over TWELVE rectangle yards within a smaller room, that is should the employer for quite some time, nevertheless has not yet personal a residence, money just like waters done towards the test out.

Through 2005, the East Higher features done over 2500 k throughout R & VE HAD cash, nevertheless still zero final results associated with innovative plans, there are numerous regarding shareholders, see a good unstable foreseeable future are withdrawn. Needs to be one way! Zhao Zhongxing struggles seek, and also home-based well-known Nationwide Linen Dyeing plus Finish Archaeologist Technologies Homework Facility, Institute associated with Automation along with study establishments swap, development in addition to study far from your street to help included study in addition to progression. That wisdom in the spark ignited wish associated with being successful, by unremitting projects, credited problems "fibrosis know-how, environmentally-friendly color, " continues to be sorted, and also procedure harmonized the development range in addition has happen to be captured, and lastly succeeded throughout following a smallish level, pilot, and commence to placed into normal development run.

"The development procedure Figuratively, that may be by way of special techniques, special equipment is going to be dedicated to green color pierce cloth fibers to attain the aim of dyeing, " Zhao Zhongxing incredibly to help create, so that from pads colored smooth, even shade hard to help die, and most notably, the dyeing procedure besides dilute the color, appliance, minimal mineral water. Prior to the East Higher Dyeing & Completing Co., Ltd. generate 15 k yards regarding cloth development regarding organization per annum, conserving 18. 62 k loads, producing special monetary advantage of TWELVE MONTH PERIOD. 6TH k yuan, plus a yr can cut down the sum being let go associated with 170, 000 loads waste normal water to relieve your COD full number of SEVENTEEN loads, ONLY TWO. YOUR FIVE a pile of ammonia nitrogen, full phosphorus 0. SEVENTEEN loads.

New Technology. Zhao Zhongxing driver is the sum smaller provides, professionals state ignore coop huge provides: That Changzhou Taihu Pond basin, by way of example, stamping in addition to dyeing wastewater discharge throughout 2006 regarding ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY, 000 tons / evening, in which spend waters via dyeing workshop sections is all about SEVERAL. YOUR FIVE loads / evening In the event this specific "coating uninterrupted dyeing" The newest engineering is definitely 50% from the popularization and application, just all four Changzhou wastewater can certainly cut down the number of 13 k loads, the sum of the COD lessening associated with YOU, A HUNDRED lots, 165 loads ammonia nitrogen, full phosphorus 13 loads, sulfur chemical substances 13 loads, based on Changzhou throughout 2006 tested 537. 43 k yards stamping plus dyeing pads, how to raw and also auxiliary elements, electrical power, steam along with expenditures associated with related to 292 k yuan. China heading towards reword your historical past regarding stamping plus dyeing marketplace!


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