How is the iPad 2 Shaping Up?

Since has been some time since Apple last made the earth move with a big announcement, namely the launch of its iPad almost a year ago, there has been nothing for devoted fans to get excited about, so it only seems right that rumours of a new iPad are beginning to circulate. So revered have Apple become that it seems they have transcended the world of tech and have crossed over into a lifetsyle/fashion brand that people avidly follow.

It seems, according to high authority internet tech blogs, that the iPad 2 is likely to be the next big product to come out of Southern California. It only seems like yesterday that the original iPad was released, the buzz and demand for the product certainly hasn't abated, which makes it seem odd that its successor is already on the horizon. Of course Apple thrives on the emotional connections around its products and a constant stream of new exciting products is what the company needs to retain its image, just like a people carrier model needs to get bigger and more fuel efficient to stay popular.

So what are the rumours about the iPad 2? Firstly, like all new iterations of Apple products, it is thought to be thinner and lighter than its predecessor. How about this then - a Micro SD memory card slot has been suggested as an extra for the new model, this is uncharted territory but necessary for Apple products in the future? How about this then, the iPad is likely to have a micro SD card memory slot, something never seen before on an Apple product, just like a few added extras make a BMW 3 series more usable.

As well as this, there are rumours that the latest iPad with either come in a singular, newly sized package, or be available in a range of sizes, one of which is likely to be a 7 inch screen to accompany the 9 inch version already on the marketrd party companies, just like the BMW 1 Series is currently undergoing a redesign.


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