The Amazing New Motorola Xoom

Motorola's latest and greatest piece of hardware is their tablet, the Xoom. Running on 1GB RAM Tagre 2 11GHz processor, this tablet is quite the powerhouse. The large 10" screen and 1280X800 pixel resolutions provide an excellent bright display for viewing movies in 16:1 widescreen format. Wih the Xoom, you'll be able to set it on an HD speaker dock so that you won't have to use any kinds of headphone to enjoy your movies or streaming video. The dock also acts as a charger as well.

Listening through the Xoom's dock is pretty go. Taking your tablet with you when you travel should become habitual. It offers powerful laptop like processing power at a fraction of the weight and size. With up to 32 GB of memory, you can add a vast assortment of music, movies and photos for your entertainment. Adding a Motorola Xoom screen protector by Skinomi SkinTech or KlearKare creates user confidence and security. Although the Xoom has a stable glass screen, protecting it further with a light coating is always a good idea. Affordable screen protectors sure can be a worthwhile investment if anything sharp and hard rubs the surface. Accidents do happen and a wild party could cause someone to bump your Xoom off the dock onto a pile of sandpaper. You're covered if you have Motorola Xoom accessories like a screen protector.

You'll probably want to keep your Xoom tablet protected with a Motorola Xoom case. There are many kind of casing styles to choose from. There are leather cases that give you great protection, while also give you a kind of luxurious look. These quality pieces usually sell for under $50 and offer superb fashion. Some of the typical manufacturers for these leather cases are Topinno, Motorola, Case Logic, and Kroo.

There are also aftermarket manufacturers of speaker docks that are a little more affordable if that is what you are after. Phillips offers real deep, rich bass with a built-in bass radiator and dynamic bass boost technology. Other options for adding speakers to your Xoom media center include iLuv stereo speaker docks or separate powerful speakers that allow you to hear your music with depth and clarity. Some devices feature a built-in power switch and volume control. Added speakers allow you to hear your music with depth and clarity. Typical plug 'n play speakers have about a 4-watt total power output with 360 degree sound from each speaker.

While many tablets offer media capabilities, few can compete with the Motorola Xoom's hardware. Some of the features are a powerful Google Android 3.0 operating system, a dual core processor, and 1GB DDR3 RAM for superior performance. Competitors mimic, while the Xoom sets the standard.


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