Top Stylish Accessories for the Thunderbolt

A leading-edge smart phone like the HTC Thunderbolt has many allures, one of which is its diverse lineup of attachments and decorations. But when most people think HTC Thunderbolt accessories, they think about protection, such as an HTC Thunderbolt case. It's understandable. The HTC Thunderbolt is quite a large phone that should be kept in great condition. But the limit of accessories shouldn't stop at protection. In fact, HTC along with many other manufacturers offer a large selection of products that are set to enhance productivity and enjoymment.

Today, the best selling accessories include in-car and desktop stations. Of course, you can make the argument that docking stations help protect your smart phone, but they provide a huge list of other features as well. In-car docking stations are actually becoming a necessity as more and more states enact laws that mandate hands-free use of our smart phones while driving. Desk-based docking stations allow us to integrate use of our HTC Thunderbolt with the use of our PC or Mac, and most docking stations have the added benefit of charging our HTC Thunderbolt battery.

Bluetooth compatible accessories are very popular and they're very important if you plan to use an in-car docking station. These stations attach easily to your dashboard, windshield and you want it at the most comfortable spot to hold your conversations. Cars today now have built-in systems, but if yours doesn't, a Bluetooth headset is the ultimate solution. A Bluetooth headset can easily be convenient at home as well. These days, Bluetooth is available with sophisticated profiles that even allow you to listen to music.

Other popular accessories include travel chargers, emergency chargers and extended-life batteries. Because the default battery is only rated at 1400mAh, the 2750mAh extended-life battery is a great investment. Of course, the HTC Thunderbolt comes with a charger, but the included charger is best for home use. A quality travel charger lets you charge your smart phone using a USB or cigarette lighter connection. You can even buy an attachment that lets you connect a USB lead to a wall outlet, which is particularly convenient when staying in a hotel or motel that's lagging behind the times. And an emergency charger is very handy in times when there's no power source available.

HTC and third-party manufacturers also offer a wide array of style accessories. For example, skins and body gloves are some of the most popular accessories. They initially provide solid scratch protection but their main purpose is to provide a new makeover. And they're offered in a huge range of patterns, colors, and themes. Another popular option for individualization is cell phone charms. Charms were virtually a girl's thing only but times changed. Today, accessory manufacturers produce a wide range of adult-oriented charms, including a great selection for men.


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