Android Activity And How To Manage Multiple Processes

There is now a growing number of smartphones using the Android OS that was specifically developed by Google for mobile platforms. These phones typically have rich functionality combined with a GUI that can pull up multiple activities at the same time. There are times when manually managing them is a feature that is much required to immediately free up some memory although the Android OS does have built-in measures for memory management to allow for continued usage of your smartphone. There are several apps, such as the Appkiller that can terminate android activity allowing you to free up the memory the activity had been using up. On another note, pulling up an activity is made easy enough with almost all versions of Android, however if you want to create quick shortcuts to key apps, the Android Launcher app is a must-have.

If you want to improve the overall functionality of your phone to take full advantage of your phone's hardware and it runs Android, then certain apps are a must-have to install. There is such a wide diversity in available apps that can be found on the android app market whether you are looking for free or paid apps. Do consider, though, that compared to the Apple App Store, which has apps that run on a unified platform, Android apps regularly encounter compatibility issues due to the number of versions that are out there. Purchasing an app may be a little cumbersome as the app market makes use of Google Checkout, there is a possibility that they may transition to the easier to use and more convenient Paypal. You can get suggestions based on categories and descriptions, making the search for apps easier when using the Genius facility. The latest and most popular apps will easily be listed that others have already found useful.

As evidenced by the wide diversity of available apps, the Android OS is now the most preferred platform for mobile phones with apps continuing development in order to populate the app market. Most of them are paid apps, however there are also a great number of useful free apps to help you make the most of your android smartphone. It is also useful to have an android resource such as in addition to the helpful assistance provided by the Genius Facility in order to get regularly updated about the Android platform's latest developments. With android apps being churned out as fast as they are, it always helps to get updates on a regular basis to help you stay on top of the Android scene.


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