Nokia N8 Review

The N8 is Nokias latest offering. Its meant to be the phone that brings Nokia back to the fore of phone design, so does it live up to expectations? Well, the N8 has a new operating system and comes with lots of tech, so thats a good start. Its clearly aiming at the high end of the market with the anodized scratch-proof paint and metal chassis, which are both good. However, the phone is made chunky by the camera tech, so it might not fit in your trouser pocket.

Its going to be hard to replace the innards of the N8 if anything goes wrong as theres no removable battery. Another issue is the SIM port, as its quite hard to access this and its tricky to get the SIM in there unless you have long nails. Theres also a mix of opinion on the manual unlock switch it seems to be a love or loathe thing. While the 3.5 inch OLED screen isnt as impressive as Samsungs Super AMOLED screen, its still great for color.

The new operating system on the N8 is called Symbian 3. Its purpose is to bring Nokia into line with the Google and Apple systems and to some extent it manages it, but it doesnt have quite the same glamour. It displays widgets nicely but is quite limited in terms of display options. However, while it isnt as simple as Android, it is in some ways more intuitive than the iPhone, although the homescreen interface runs a bit slowly when you select icons.

The Nokia N8s 680MHz ARM 11 processor might make it sound as though the phone will run slowly in comparison to other phones, but it doesnt. It actually does really well in terms of speed and in user stability, which has been an issue for Symbian devices in the past. Its also easy to have multiple programs open at once and if you tap the battery icon, you can see some cool information like available WiFi connections, USB connections and the alarm. However, the system does jumble your icons occasionally.

In terms of adding contacts, there are lots of options here as you would expect on a Nokia phone. However, the system is a bit simplistic and especially when you want to import social networking contacts it takes a long time as the social media apps have to reload each time. The call quality is overall very good with an impressive speaker and useful volume function. The smart dialing pad is a nice touch and the N8 has video calling, which is fine but probably wont get much use.

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