Finest Gift idea Actually ( space ) Your Sangean Electronic digital Bathtub Radio stations

Sangean H201 AM/FM Digital Shower Radio

My husband was swearing at his little shower radio every single morning. I had to do something! But when I bought him the Sangean digital shower radio, I never expected it would be his favorite gift of all time! He loves this radio! Sure, it had great reviews, but I had never heard of Sangean. And what about the price? But, I love my man, and wanted him to be happy - so I bought him the best portable radio I could find. Who knew it would be the best gift ever?

The Sangean is amazing! There were dead spots throughout our home. Reception was suitable for only two stations within the shower (without the people we liked.) The Sangean portable radio earns the many stations we would like, in your home. Ten presets make it all to easy to switch between stations. Forget about swearing as he aren't able to find the sports station. He never misses the overall game or his favorite program on NPR, and we have our favorite music stations programmed in. He carries it around with him like a kid using a stuffed animal!

It is run on two D batteries, which often last forever. Ours has been used daily for upwards of annually, this is only needed new batteries twice. It can be magic...

Did I mention it's waterproof? Although it's listed as water resistant, ours fell to a bathtub of water and you know what - it floats! The sound quality is great, too. The whole family wants it wherever they can be! This can be a portable radio you need to use inside the shower, on the boat, by the pool, or even blast your preferred station because you wash your car or are employed in the garage.

Buy this radio and score some major brownie points together with your honey! Mine says simple fact is that best gift he ever got- he brags regarding it to anyone which will listen. In 2010, I'm putting one by myself Christmas list. Maybe my shower radio will in fact live in the shower!


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