Stylish Accessories for the HTC Inspire

The long anticipated HTC Inspire has finally been released today. You're getting ready to buy it, and then you're going to shop around online for some necessary HTC Inspire accessories. Naturally, you've probably already got your sights set on a HTC Inspire case and a HTC Inspire screen protector. After all, most smart phone owners buy these protective accessories. Did you ever wonder though, not all accessories are designed for protection? That's right, there's an amazing selection of accessories out there that let your personalize the style of your phone and enhance its functionality. Let's explore the options.

One of the most useful accessories is an in-car docking station. In the modern era, most states have adopted hands-free driving laws. Of course, you can simply use a Bluetooth headset and have the smart phone lying on the seat or whatnot. But a docking station is far more convenient and practical. Not only can you use it with Bluetooth, but you can also use the touch screen to access the device without breaking any laws. HTC offers branded docks that can be attached to either a windshield or dashboard vent, and both ways can provide access to your HTC Inspire with portrait or landscape modes.

Of course, you're going to need that Bluetooth headset since it's very difficult to use speaker mode while driving. There can still be a lot of environmental noise that can cause major interference with all of the windows rolled up. The nice thing about a Bluetooth headset compared to other headset options is that it's wireless, so you don't have to worry about being attached to the device, which is a real annoyance. Another nice thing about Bluetooth headsets is that you don't have to spend a lot. In fact, there are basic models available that will only put you out about twenty bucks or so.

Other important accessories include spare batteries, travel chargers and even emergency chargers. Fortunately, the HTC Inspire does come with a charger, but it's a charger best used at home. It's not something you'll want to carry around with you. Instead, you'll need a portable charger preferably with a USB head. If you don't have USB ports in the car, then you'll also want a car lighter attachment. A spare battery is great to have too. What many users do is buy an enhanced battery for regular use in their HTC Inspire, and then use the default battery as the backup, which you can keep in the glove compartment fully charged.

So far, we've locked in on function. Now, we'll change gears and give some attention to style. When it comes to individualization, there are numerous options. One of the most convenient is the cell phone charm. The nice thing about cell phone charms is that they're inexpensive, which means you can have many of them or change them up frequently without spending a great deal of money. It's also important to note that charms aren't just for children. For women, there's a wide range of jewelry-inspired charms, and for men, there's a diverse array of sports items available.


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