Utilize the best out of SharePoint and Exchange Server

Are you a part of the Utility industry? Flow of sewerage services and high-quality water is smoother at your place than the flow of proper communication, information, etc.? Is this hampering your employee efficiency, then it's high time that you seek an IT solution that will help you collaborate, communicate and manage your documentation and content resourcefully. And Moss SharePoint is the best solution for it!

Using SharePoint Portal, you can post, share, and discuss information such as customer communications; data authored by employees; exchanges with service providers and professionals affianced on business projects; and company news circulated that too all under one umbrella. Strenuous back and forth of emails can be avoided. In SharePoint Portal, employees and management will be able to view company content right at one place. Less storage space is also required. News stories ordained for the company's intranet face page which actually needs to be reviewed by the concerned superiors before being posted can be done quickly simultaneously at the central space, i.e., in the SharePoint portal Depending on electronic mail for this procedure would lead to postponement till every assessor got to his or her inbox. With SharePoint, Utility companies can look extra and quicker publishing to its intranet, teamwork to help incite innovation, and impetus for its crusade of cultural change.

Using Microsoft Outlook Exchange, the email communication can also be enhanced. The main benefit using hosted Exchange Server is that it can be integrated with SharePoint site. It also allows for wireless synchronization, archival of emails, download of heavy attachments even on the phone, access to contact list, so on and so forth. Cheap Exchange hosting services are available in the market. Also, application hosting for project management, content management, document management, etc. is easily available these days.


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